This is a flouride free product that gives you whiter teeth.


Strong whitening effect, effectively removing stains & discolouration from the surface of your teeth with a uniquely refreshing effect, SAFELY!


This product features a blend of organic charcoal toothpaste & active minerals that have been proved to dramatically improve oral health.

If you have been battling yellowed teeth, bad breath, & other common oral ailments this active charcoal toothpaste is your ideal solution.

Simply use this charcoal whitening toothpaste by wetting your toothbrush, add the toothpaste & brush for around 2 minutes & rinse well.

Natural main ingredient is activated coconut shell charcoal, which will whiten & polish your teeth.


Additionally the natural mint has been found to neutralise acids & reduce bad smells in the mouth balancing the PH levels & helping protect enamel from residue toxins whilst strengthening your gums.


Buy with confidence we currently sell direct to consumer this reduces our cost. Which allows us to reduce the price that we sell products to you are valued customers. The teeth whitening pen is a process results will vary on the condition of your teeth. We have ticket and email support, please contact us if you need assistance at FF we care about our customers:

Charcoal Tooth Paste